Batman Arkham Origins (2013) Pc Game – Repack Download

General Information:
Year: 2013 | Genre : Action / 3D / 3rd Person / Stealth | Developer : WB Games Montréal | Publisher : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | Size: 8776MB
«Batman: Arkham Chronicles ” – the third edition of the famous series Batman: Arkham. You again have to go to a gloomy Gotham . But this time, you can take part in the events anticipated the Batman: Arkham Asylum and «Batman: Arkham City”.

The game takes place several years before the infamous mutiny . Batman is just starting his career a secret crime- fighter , he is young and inexperienced , and it will only become the Dark Knight , we know …
Subject campaign «Batman: Arkham Chronicle ” tells an entirely new story authored by writers Michael “Dooma” Vendshu and Corey May, behind which the joint work on games such as Prince Persia: Warrior Within, Assassin’s Creed, Army of Two. Consultant is creative director of DC Comics Geoff Johns . You are going to witness the early years of Batman as a fighter against crime and first encounter with those who in the future will be the sworn enemies of the Dark Knight .
The new system Crime Scene facilitates the process of gathering information. With the help of cutting-edge gadgets Batman can re-create the virtual version of what happened at the crime scene and discover clues , invisible to the naked eye.
You will Gotham . In the new and familiar places await a variety of opponents , which will have to overcome , crimes that require investigation and puzzles that need to be unraveled.
Hunt the criminals that are relevant to the main plot , but not integral to it . Contact with them or not – depends on you.
On the streets of Gotham City are new enemies await you – thugs in armor , possessing incredible strength and extremely agile opponents keep track of which is not so easy . To come out the winner of each bout will have to master the combat system FreeFlow.
Batman’s arsenal will add new gadgets – such as remote- controlled Bet – claw . Save and familiar from past games series devices .
On the dark streets of Gotham Batman will face a lot of well-known characters, including Black Mask , Deftrouk , Bane , Joker , Anarchy , Captain Gordon and others.

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