Love Diaries (2023) Hindi NeonX Short Film | 1080p | 720p | 480p | WEB-DL | Download | Watch Online


Quality: WEB-DL

Resolution: 1080p,720p,480p

Size: 630 MB, 380 MB, 190 MB

Genres: NeonX Exclusive

Directors: Sonali


Language: Hindi

Storyline: Once upon a time, in a whimsical little village, there dwelled a pair named Sapan and Alka. They resided in a state of deep affection, their bond akin to the formidable roots of a time-honored tree. Their tale of love commenced within the hallowed halls of academia, where destiny intermingled their paths during a cultural extravaganza. Sapan, a bewitching and gifted artist, encountered Alka, the possessor of a captivating voice that had the power to lull the very essence of one's being. As their camaraderie blossomed, they unearthed the splendor concealed within each other's souls. Slowly but surely, admiration metamorphosed into an all-consuming love, compelling them to forge a lifelong union. Their nuptial ceremony burgeoned into a jubilant celebration of love, resounding with laughter and dreams that coalesced into tangible reality.

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